Sahra Oil is energy commodity trading company We are engaged in commercial activities based across the region in Oil trading & related products. We started our Journey in the Financial year 2019 with its core value and vision which are built strong foundation of operational excellence, intracity, transparency, professionalism and ready to take challenges towards putting strong step towards future.


Discovery of oil on the territory of the Emirates prompted rapid growth of the UAE economy. Especially country began to develop rapidly after sharp rise in prices for “black gold” in 1973. Throughout 25 years the UAE has become a country with one of the highest living standards. Some more good contents available on google please take it from there.

Oil Production Infrastructure

As to the oil extraction, a system of pipelines, which connects field facilities, refineries and port terminals, is created in the United Arab Emirates. The same piping system enables an effective operation of the companies involved in the gas sector. A gas pipeline, which connects the Emirates and Qatar, is one of the major regional projects. Export of the oil and gas sector products is carried out in various ways

Gas Production Infrastructure

Natural gas in the UAE is the main resource for the electric energy production. Moreover, experts note a gradual increase in domestic consumption over the volumes of natural gas production. A stable economic and population growth stimulate the government to increase the volumes of the produced gas , and also contribute to the search for new alternative energy sources.